Your solo on the Limited Edition single CD

To promote the forthcoming release of the new track Thin Door from the Perfect Pyramid album, Mezonoize has organized an event: three solos of three musicians published on the Limited Edition single CD of Perfect Pyramid.

How to partecipate (free entry)

  1. Compile the apply form at bottom;
  2. Download the audio file of the song from the link you will receive via e-mail after apply;
  3. Record your solo over the audio file and publish online the audio or the video in at least one of these social: Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram with the hashtag #mezonoizesolo;

About the solo

The solo can be of any style and recorded with any instrument. The part where the solo goes has a duration of 25 seconds. It's not very demanding, unless you want to record dozens of different solos (and you can do it!).

Here the solo recorded by Thomas Williams:

Do you want your solo published on this page? Get involved!

The selection

Three solos will be selected. The selection will be made by Massimiliano Carola of The Groove Hacker and Roberto Andreani of Mezonoize. Musicians of selected solos will be contacted via e-mail with instructions on how to send the original solo stem track. The solo will be mixed on the original Thin Door track and published on the limited edition Perfect Pyramid single CD that will contain:

  1. Perfect Pyramid (original version)
  2. Thin Door (original version)
  3. Thin Door (author1 solo version)
  4. Thin Door (author2 solo version)
  5. Thin Door (author3 solo version)

The authors of the solos will be accredited on the CD. Every selected author of the solo will receive a copy of the limited edition single CD for free. The CD will be object of future Mezonoize's events and may be sold and promoted via all Mezonoize's channels without limitations. The names of the participants can be used for the promotion and diffusion of the songs.

About Perfect Pyramid album

Perfect Pyramid is a six tracks instrumental concept album about a journey. Everyone can experience it in his or her own way. But don’t worry, a normalization track to get back home is included. Read more here.

Disclaimers and rules

  1. None of the selected authors of the solo and none of the partcipants will receive gain by distribution, selling, streaming and visualizations of videos/tracks/CD/ads;
  2. Participation to this event is free of charge for the author and the author performance is carried out free of charge;
  3. Authors receive one copy of the limited edition single CD for free, without paying shipping costs. Shipment can be done worldwide at the author address after appropriate communications;
  4. Author authorize to use his name and/or his artist name in conjunction with this event and every time the limited edition CD or one of his track is mentioned, advertized or sold.
  5. Nothing is due by Mezonoize to the participants of this event.
  6. Ends on October 24th.