Thin Door out now!

Thin Door track is out and published as a part of the Perfect Pyramid album!

You can listen on Bandcamp or here:

Who bought the album can download the new song directly from Bandcamp in MP3, high quality FLAC and others formats.

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Your name in the Perfect Pyramid video trailer

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A few words about Thin Door

Thin Door was  an hard work, but full of pleasure. I lost myself in the meanders of  its harmonies, sounds, melodic intertwining, but after hundreds (maybe thousands) of times I've listened to it I can no longer tell if it's beautiful or not.
Only time will tell...

When  I start to compose this album I thought it took less time, but I had  not dealt with other things of everyday life. At this point the whole  album had to be ready, so sorry for the delay, I will work hard to  complete it in a reasonable time.

Anyway I'm already working on the next track Round Voyage (and I already have all the drafts of the other tracks).

For any information or support do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you.

Mezonoize/Roberto Andreani

Some numbers about Thin Door

  • 35 tracks in total;
  • 13 guitars tracks;
  • 119 versions from first draft;
  • Over 250 hours of work;

And more...

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