Become a Superfan (for free)

A Mezonoize Superfan is a person that loves Mezonoize's music and want two things:

  • Receive Mezonoize's special rewards, exclusive contents, gifts and discounts;
  • Help Mezonoize in some ways to continue to produce his music.

The Superfan idea is to find people that can support the project with small actions, like share some contents, report a terrible translation or talk about the project. Nothing challenging, but in return, there will be some cool thing that can reward help.

At the moment the Superfan area is under construction, but you can leave your email to be contacted as soon as ready.


Your e-mail will be used only to tell you about Mezonoize Superfan initiative and never will be shared. You can cancel from mailing or Superfan initiative at any time.