Perfect Pyramid instrumental concept album

Perfect Pyramid is a six tracks instrumental concept album about a journey. A journey within or outside ourselves. On this planet or another. Everyone can experience it in his or her own way. But don’t worry, a normalisation* track to get back home is included.

The idea

Ideas are the most beautiful things we have in the art universe. Sometimes I think there is to difficult to transform what we have in mind to the real object (in this case the music), but when you spend so many years of thinking of the same idea and you are burned with the desire to do it, nothing is impossible.

I had a lot of material as a draft already recorded, but I started working on some single pieces, and since they were good I continued on this path. It did not seem appropriate to assemble it together, but nevertheless, it is always part of the same concept, and therefore it was suitable to end up in the same album, with a logical thread that bound it. So I first thought of a story, then I separated this story in various parts (hence the song titles), and then I started working on the single songs. At the moment all the pieces are sketched (in a very rough way, full of errors and dissonances) and are a reasonable basis, which tells a story, on which to develop the arrangements and the final ideas.

The music

Thin Door, the third track of the album is almost finished and will be released when the "Your solo on the Limited Edition single CD" event will be completed. The album can be pre-ordered at Bandcamp. Revenues will be used to finance the next musical project.

Perfect Pyramid by Mezonoize

From the “temporary booklet” of Perfect Pyramid

“This is a journey to another world. Perhaps a real world, perhaps an imaginary world. Perhaps it’s a journey through space and time, or else the duration of a few meters. There is a wonderful, perfect shape, lashed by a sandy wind, so black that it swallows the light, and so hard that it penetrates stone. There are no doors on its surface. Not even the subtle outline that would suggest an entryway... or an exit. It’s in there where the encounter happens. No one can say with whom. No one can say with what. And no one can give any advice or recommendations. Perhaps it is the reflection of ourselves. Perhaps it’s a higher being, someone we know, or someone we’ll never meet. This is how the contact will be: all looks and words, scents and sounds, or just a caress. And it will all lead to an eternal connection. Then, all around, everything will be as it was in the beginning: with our earphones on our ears, or back in the music room. And every now and then, we will find ourselves smiling, looking into the distance, within our minds or through the window, at the horizon or at some point in the sky, and think again of that perfect pyramid. And the only way we’ll have to repeat it will be to press “play” again on “Perfect Pyramid”...”

About the cover

The cover of the album is formed by a black pyramid and a terrain. The terrain is a real photo of Mars surface taken by Nasa. The Pyramid is a digital work build through Mars surface's photo elaborations.

*If you experienced the Perfect Pyramid music in a good way (listen to it almost three times, relaxed, on the bed) you could experience the journey. When the music ends, you can be not happy to return to the real world. The normalisation track could be a good thing to slowly fade out of the journey. Is this not very serious, or is it?