About some extraordinary peoples

Could be a classic the writing of the post about "starting the new website" or "starting my blog", but it must be an important step of the online and social life of a new project. The main reason for this website is to keep in contact with other peoples. Our world is formed mainly from people that are in our circle: parents, friends, acquaintances. Then there is the online life (with people overlapping in the real) and then the "magic". Some people that you are connected, that are very far from your real life, from your circle, but at the same time are very close.

I tried on my skin the sensation of these extraordinary people. Someone that reward me because of my music that wants that I continue in my project, some other to exchange ideas, words, thoughts. People that talk with me, send images, photos, heart icons, and tell me that I must continue with my work.

Ok, I'll do my best, for you, extraordinary people, and me. Thank you to all my fans, to all online friends. Thank you for your support. I'm honoured to be a part of your music life...